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The organization PATHIKRIT started in 2002 with the initiative of a group of dedicated philanthropic citizen of Khulna. It is a non-government voluntary organization devoted to social development.


Tree Sapling Distribution (Fruit & wooden) Against climate change

Tree Sapling Distribution (Fruit & wooden): The project has distributed 18000 tree sapling among their beneficiaries for their homestead tree plantation with the aim to

Tube-well installation

During the reporting period, the project was installed and handed over 09 tubes well to their farmer’s group. Project area (Batiaghata Upazila) is predominantly an

The economic disadvantage of these populations

Because of the economic disadvantage of these populations, or their family head, is not in a job place, their children can not study properly.

Children in disaster and risk prone areas

Children in disaster and risk-prone areas can not study properly due to climatic and natural disaster. Six to eight months of the year they remain

Safe drinking water

The crisis of safe drinking water in the south-west coastal region in Bangladesh. Coastal area’s poor population are in danger for the scarcity of safe drinking

Providing water for charity

Nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of the nonprofit’s public donations go directly to clean water technologies