During reporting period the project was installed and handed over 09 tubes well to their farmers group Project area (Batiaghata Upazila) is predominantly an agriculture depended society. Nearly 75 percent of the population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture, Agriculture is still the main user of water, and its share in water demand will further increase concurrently with efforts to attain food security. The main objective of this activity to promote easy irrigation system to the project beneficiaries so that they can able to use cheaper irrigation water as well as environment and increased food production, food security and poverty reduction.
During reporting periods 90 farmers cultivated their land and irrigated their crop by the provided tube-well, IRRI-28, tile, Watermelons, Vegetable and Fruit was cultivated in this season, they hope would be more profit from those crops. One farmers group (Krisnagar farmers Group) was open their bank account for savings so that they could maintain their repairing cost in future.