The organization PATHIKRIT started in 2002 with the initiative of a group of dedicated philanthropic citizen of Khulna. It is a non-government voluntary organization devoted to social development.


Principal objectives of this organization are

i) income generation of the poor for their food security in the climate change context; ii) partnership development among other NGOs and social organization for human development, poverty alleviation and for food security of the poor in climate change context. Therefore, since establishment in 2002, it is working for the disadvantages people of different Upazilas in Khulna division. PATHIKRIT believes in bottom up non-directive integrated participatory framework with it concerned people. It intends to achieve integrated approach and collective efforts for rural development. Therefore, it is now emphasizing to involve the human resource helping force of the development activities along with other development organizations for rural poor of the working area. The trend of the development flow is gradually strengthening and developing cooperation and relationship among the stakeholders related to development activities.


PATHIKRIT appropriates cultural activities, non-formal education activities, Awareness for alternative livelihood at Sundarban periphery area’s poor people against save Sundarban campaign context with echo Tourism guide and motivate through Development of their skills in Cottage and Motel management system, Human rights activities, HIV/AID’S & STD aware and motivate, voter education activities, economic justice activities, Health awareness, Research & development on Climate Change Context with Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture, Agro Education, Farmers Training, Free Child Education program, Shrimps/Fish Cultivation, Group savings and microcredit program & senior citizen rehabilitation activities as starting, penetrating tools and potent, dynamic vehicle for the people’s education in raising their awareness and consciousness on their condition, needs, rights and aspirations.